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Our company started its operation in the Hungarian safety market with the AIM of to serve the most up-to-date technology for your safety.

Our highly qualifi ed team has been striving for customer oriented developments. As a result, we started manufacture our own developed emergency Clever Light System. Now we have a wide range of new generation luminaires and full range of services. These are also available through our large number of contracted partners, from design, construction, and installation to maintenance.

The production of the intelligent control panels, emergency lights, exit sign luminaries and modules is in ourown 3500 m2 production hall in Szolnok. Lamp panels are manufactured by automatic surface mountingtechnology, which eliminates the possibility of human error.

The manufacturing machines are capable oftransmitting 100 000 parts per hour and produce 2 500 PCBs for intelligent central battery systems in 8hours. The final assembly of the lamps is done by manually. The panels are programmed during theassembly and then checked according to strict quality requirements.



Easier and faster installable emergency
lighting systems at a better price

Unique emergency lighting devices lighting devices | Intelligent
emergency lighting solutions | Control moduls

Higher quality at a more competitive price
ASM emergency lighting systems available at more competitive prices by our customers and distribution partners thanks to the innovative solutions and state-of-the-art manufacturing technology.
Innovation All Around
We are constantly developing our addressable emergency lighting systems to be able to provide longer operating cycle next to lower maintenance costs.
Modern European Manufacturing
All of our products are made in our modern European production plant. Through the continuous development of production technology we guarantee high quality and reliability.
technical assistance from the beginning
Together with our partners, we have installed thousands of systems over the past two decades, therefore we can provide technical support with adequate technical experience and development background.
more favorable installation costs
The system uses the power cable for communication, so additional data cable does not need.
we have solution for almost every situation
We designed our emergency lighting systems to can adapt almost every customer needs.
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Our products are not only popular in the Hungarian but also in the export market. We have foreign partnerships among others in Qatar, the Emirates (Dubai, Abu Dhabi), Yemen, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Russia, Romania, Sweden, Spain, Germany, Ireland and Switzerland.

Our reference list is made without any completeness but to help you make your decision. Whether it is for office buildings, public institutions, sports halls, industrial or cultural life-support facilities, condominiums,

ASM is ready to work together in any construction project.

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